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Proper maintenance of your pool is essential for a carefree swimming environment.



Let your friendly, reliable and knowledgeable Splashdog Pools service technician do the work, so you can relax!


 Weekly Service

Keeps your pool in tip-top shape and includes:

• Netting debris from the surface and vacuuming the bottom of your pool
• Brushing your pool’s tile and walls
• Algae prevention and control
• Cleaning your pool's skimmers, pump baskets and leaf canisters
• Testing your pool water for residual Chlorine, PH balance, Alkalinity, Conditioner levels, Calcium and other mineral levels
• Adding all needed chemicals to your pool for proper balancing

Your pool will also require the following extra services, which your Splashdog Pools service technician will provide at a small additional cost, throughout the year:

• Filter cleaning (quarterly)
• Adding of seasonal water conditioner (bi-annually)


Other services Splashdog Pools offers:

Pool Clean-up

We can return your green pool back to crystal-clear water.







Acid Wash 

Acid washing your pool can brighten the appearance of your plaster. This service is recommended only once in the lifetime of your pool’s plaster, to avoid exposing the gunite surface underneath.






Tile Cleaning

 Unsightly white calcium and scale can be removed in just one day - your tile will look brand new!